Startup Consulting

Setup A New Business

ENTER CONSULTING ZONE provides independent expert advice and guidance, supporting you in the process of actualizing your vision and launching your own business.
We are committed to provide the necessary direction for addressing any potential issues you may encounter, ensuring that such matters serve as opportunities for growth rather than barriers.

In collaboration with you, our team conducts examination and documentation of the objectives, distinct features, and potential challenges associated with the business endeavor you seek to create.


We can provide guidance and advice to help you find functional and financially efficient solutions on the following:

➤ Assistance in turning your business idea into reality
➤ Assistance in obtaining bank loans
➤ Advice on the type of business to start, how to start it, and what to consider
➤ Guidance on the fundamental principles of operating a business
➤ Assistance in preparing and reviewing agreements
➤ Advice on whether to work alone or as a company
➤ Assistance in complying with applicable laws and regulations